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FARAD Group - certified B Corp

Founded in 2001 in Luxembourg, FARAD Group is an independent holding company acting as impact & venture investor and incubator for innovative and sustainable projects.

FARAD Group is certified B Corp since 2017.

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CSR Report 

“At last, we have come to the point where mere economic achievement is no longer sufficient to convey the long-term sustainability of a company. While financial performance is still important to keep the business running, the impact of the company has come to stand front and centre. It is fundamental to understand that the every company is part of an ecosystem and that it must operate in harmony with its environment. This ecosystem lives internally through and thanks to employees and externally through society and the environment. Increasing positive impact on both should be a top priority for any company and its shareholders. This does not imply forgoing profit. much rather It means much rather to make profit, it means to make that profit in a sustainable way. Earning money is not the objective per se. It is how and for what you use that money that makes the difference.”

Marco Caldana, Founder FARAD Group

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Philanthropic Projects

For the past 20 years of FARAD Group’s existence, philanthropy has always been important alongside the “mundane” of everyday investment activities. More than 35 charities have been supported by the Group with projects ranging from education, to diversity and inclusion to health and well-being.
For FARAD Group, philanthropy goes well beyond sending checks every now and then. The Group seeks to have a real positive impact and to develop long-term relationships and partnerships with the charities it works with.  

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Some of the charities supported by FARAD Group:

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FARAD Group is proud to be part of the worldwide B Corp community. 

Sustainable Labels  

Since 2017, the Group has been B Corp certified and actively worked on improving internal practices and approaches towards, to ensure the B Corp nature is cemented into the company culture. In 2022, the process of achieving the national INDR ESR label has been put into motion. This certification is key to FARAD Group because it regroups companies, leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. Unlike other certifications for businesses, B Lab is unique in the ability to measure a company’s entire social and environmental impact. B Corp Certification is a designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials. B Corp Certification build trust with consumers, communities, and suppliers



FARAD Investment Management 

FARAD Investment Management (FARAD I.M.),  founded in 2005 , acting as investment management company managing assets and proposing related investment management services with a B2B & B2B2C approach

The Group is also invested in different PE Fund as Made In Italy, Silver Economy, Venturing. 

FARAD Group is proud supporters of a | impact. It is an AIF (Alternative Investment Fund), aimed at institutional investors, which supports the development and growth of innovative startups and SMEs that have the mission of generating a positive social, environmental and cultural impact on the community. It is set up in the form of an EuVeCa SICAF, an investment company with fixed capital, authorized by the Bank of Italy and therefore subject to the joint supervision of the Bank of Italy and Consob.  

a | impact makes medium and long-term investments, mainly in Italy, consisting in the acquisition of equity instruments or hybrid debt / equity instruments in companies that carry out their activities with a strong social, environmental and cultural intention, with the ability to innovation and growth potential. 

We are active in finding new investment opportunities, if you are looking for a stimulating space to growth solid projects contact: project@farad-group.com


The Group supports, in collaboration with University of Luxembourg (VMS Department), various projects: from mentoring to venture capital and through offices spaces availability.

If you have an idea or a project and are looking for a place where that your ideas can take shape, contact “The Incubator”: project@farad-group.com


GreenEthica expertise regroups all the services or initiatives that are related to sustainability & ESG the pioneer in this project was FARAD group. This service offering combines a dedicated Sustainable Portfolio Management expertise as well as the GreenEthica Sustainable Scoring System. 
The GreenEthica Sustainable Scoring System (GSSS) is a unique service that report and assess the main ESG portfolio metrics of liquid assets portfolio, responding to the new SFDR regulations and EU taxonomy coming in force from January 2023.
gives the exposure of any security, fund or portfolio to ESG criteria and their alignment to the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations.
This service provide a reliable and objective way for investors to see how mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), equities and/or bonds are meeting environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) challenges. The focus of this service is to analyze 4 main pillars related to: ESG screening, Carbon metrics, Controversies & PAIs and the SDGs alignment compared with a benchmark. Moreover It is fully automated and available for mass production.  This assessment can be done in absolute terms or relative to a benchmark and on any kind of portfolio. It is not limited to portfolios with a sustainable or ESG focus.
The GreenEthica Sustainable Scoring System takes also in consideration a large set of factors including controversy level and carbon footprint data. It relies on a recognized third party data provider and on FARAD I.M. historical expertise in the ESG & sustainability field.
This service is also available for alternative assets. In this case the service enables our client to determine the sustainability of their investments on the back of an analysis performed at individual company level and aggregated at portfolio level. The analysis relies on positive actions of the company toward any SDG.
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Behind FARAD Group incubator, investor, join venture and and start-up supporter there is the Founder of FARAD Group Marco Caldana. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he envisioned FARAD Group as a ‘start-up starter’ – a space where ideas and projects can be born, supported and developed. 

Impact Incubator   

FARAD Group incubator

Behind FARAD Group incubator, investor and start-up supporter there is the Founder of FARAD Group Marco Caldana. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he envisioned FARAD Group as a ‘start-up starter’ – a space where ideas and projects can be born, supported and developed. 

EFPA Luxembourg is a non-profit organization, member of EFPA Europe.
EFPA Luxembourg tailors EFPA certifications and its continuing professional development program to adapt them to legal frameworks and needs of different countries. With its digital training, EFPA Luxembourg offers a flexible and international solution to professionals wishing to increase their skills and accelerate their career development.

After three different “Charity Dinner” editions, we are proud to have incubated in 2021 a very successful edition that will continue every year as “Luxembourg Charity Dinner” every second Thursday of October. And in March a "Charity Lunch".
This events will be organised by “The Charity Incubator” made up of people who want to make a real impact with this event.


presented by CYEL - FARAD Group supported project of presented by the “Creative Young Entrepreneur Luxembourg”. It is the very first non-for-profit competition organized in Luxembourg since 2007 by the Junior Chamber International Luxembourg. Through the CYEL, JCI aims to promote entrepreneurship spirit, to transform passionate young people into capable and entrepreneurial young leaders and to integrate them into the economic and social spheres in Luxembourg and worldwide.

We proudly support an innovative and interactive museum opened in 2021 its doors in Luxembourg. For more information visit the dedicate website.


Luxembourg ASBL 

MUD Sponsorship
(le musée du déchet -
the museum of waste)


These are projects developed over the years by FARAD Group and which today are real exit success stories:

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