Sustainable Finance

Our commitment

Why sustainable finance?

Since inception in 2001, at FARAD Group we have developed a unique approach to business and we have been always driven by a set of solid values defining our identity. From the very start until today, our team has embraced these values under a shared strong belief that finance must take an active part in contributing to the wellbeing of our society. We are convinced that a thoughtful sustainable approach to business is not only a way to act professionally and responsibly, but also an essential competitive advantage in a changing world where ensuring the positive impact of the investment decisions will guarantee the companies’ success on a long-term basis.

This common feeling becomes reality through a proactive integration of the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria in all the organisation’s departments and business choices aiming to foster sustainable impact finance initiatives by providing innovative advisory, and management support services.

Why to rely upon us?

Certified members of the B-Corporation community
As an acknowledgment of our responsibility and transparency as well as years of work towards high standards of social and environmental performance, we are certified members of the B-Corporation movement and a pioneer in the world of sustainability with regards to the european financial and insurance sector. By meeting the highest standards of verified public transparency, consideration of stakeholder interests and legal accountability, we aspire to use the power of markets to successfully address social and environmental problems.
Financial skillfulness in serving a new economy
We believe that, now more than ever, the financial industry cannot possibly only look at short-term benefits and the maximization of profit, without paying attention to the paths that lead to the result. Therefore, we put our deep financial expertise in the areas of assets and funds management and of wealth planning and insurance brokerage at the service of a new economy, enabling social and environmental initiatives to generate sustainable impact
Standing out with innovative solutions
Our ability in keeping with the highest standards of ESG criteria is attested by certifications and international recognitions our innovative solutions continuously achieve in both areas of asset and funds management. Among the first to have been awarded the LuxFlag ESG Label, our pure SRI funds SELECTRA Best of SRI Bonds and SELECTRA Best of SRI Balanced are amidst the 11 first SRI funds to be  displayed in the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX) fund window a proof of security and transparency for investors.
Building trustworthy relations
We are aware that transparency is a corporate necessity. When a business is not open about its operations, it can never be trusted. That is why being honest is the only policy for us. We establish active communication channels towards both our clients and the global market, making sure that their content is always clear and easy to understand. Our clients systematically receive financial statements and performance reports. Data and information are constantly updated and published on our web platforms.

GreenEthica: an entire business dedicated to sustainable finance

As for us business and sustainability are to be considered as two faces of the same coin, we have developed GreenEthica, a new operational unit dedicated to sustainable and responsible finance. The expertise of the various companies of the Group in the areas of asset and funds management, wealth planning and insurance brokerage is now unified, through GreenEthica, to devise and propose a wide range of cutting-edge financial solutions and instruments that move capital towards a more responsible economy.

Different by nature, the entire range of SRI-related services offered by FARAD Group via GreenEthica are all based on the synergy of a solid internal know-how in the field of sustainable finance and characterized by wide flexibility and high levels of customization. The investor can thus choose the vehicle best suited to his needs.

Under this banner are now included products and long-standing projects such as PureSRI database, GreenEthica Benchmarks, EIIP platform and PhilanVie, a life insurance policy focused on philanthropy . Also included in GreenEthica are the funds SELECTRA Best of SRI Bonds and SELECTRA Best of SRI Balanced, among the first SRI funds listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange’s green window LGX.

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